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Sleep for Breakfast

The creator lifestyle you want takes consistent daily progress

Your goal will not come to you. You have to go to your goal.

Our biggest obstacle to making progress? Procrastination

Procrastination is where we choose to delay something that needs to be done, despite being aware of the negative consequences.

Every Saturday, I’ll be sharing tips and strategies that I use to identify, manage and overcome the paralysis caused by procrastination.

I’ll also be sharing the processes I use to make daily progress an achievable outcome and, discussing the positive effects of sleep on creativity and productivity.

Ready to join me?

Why we choose to become Creators

Hi, I’m Martin and in 2008, I put 20 years of 9-5 behind me and set out to become a freelance creator. Now with 15+ years of being a freelancer, I’m on a new journey. To build a life as a creative solopreneur.

As creators we want the freedom to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Be that Bali, our local coffee-house or the home-office. To make the decisions, and set the direction of travel that suits us.

Yes, it will be challenging and frustrating. But the rewards; the people, the projects and the friendships we’ll make along the way will be priceless. I’m not here to help you; start a YouTube channel, grow on X or become a ghost writer. There are plenty of excellent courses and mentors to help you develop the necessary skills.

What I hope to do is inspire you to make progress. You may have all the skills, but if you can’t make progress you’re never going to fulfill your dream.

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Tips and Strategies to manage Procrastination

Sleep, Step, Repeat

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Making Daily Progress and Achievable Outcome

Sleep, Step, Repeat

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Positive Effects of Sleep on Creativity and Productivity

Sleep, Step, Repeat

Progress starts with a single step

Together, we’ll look at how to identify, manage and overcome procrastination. How to make any task so simple to start, you’d feel foolish not completing it. And, we’ll cover the positive effects of sleep on creativity and productivity.

I reset 30 years of poor sleep in 30 days. Here’s how.